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Global Warming & other links page


 These aren’t that good:      GlobalWarming.org      Global Warming from Wikipedia      Global Warming from Sierra Club     

                                                                                                                         Global Warming and other topics                                                       
Try this link: One Degree Climate Change


cloudsDiscover the scientific facts on global warming effects

Many observations indicate that global warming effects have taken place during the 20th century. Global warming effects have resulted in an increase of the average surface temperature, a decrease in snow cover and ice extent and a rise of the sea level. Moreover, global warming effects affects precipitation, cloud cover and extreme temperatures.


            How’s your air?                  

Bally Water                                                      How's your water?

The Bally Ground Water site is a municipal water supply well field in the Borough of Bally in Berks County, near the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
Since the 1930s degreasing solvents containing methylene chloride, TCA, methanol, toluene, and TCE have been used in manufacturing at the plant...

Anti-Abortion Photos

 See fetuses from different weeks


Anti-Abortion Images

See protestors from around the globe     


Out-Of-Print Books

Over 70 million new, used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips.

Marilyn Monroe

All about Marilyn Monroe: her biography, her films, her quotes, her TV appearances, her photos, etc.

Solar Power
Solar Power is a renewable resource. We will never run out of the sun's energy. With every Solar Power System we install, it brings us one step closer to becoming independent of the use of oil from the unstable Middle East.

Wind Power
Wind powered battery charging systems can be cost effective if the average wind speed is nine miles per hour (mph) or more at the location of the wind generator. If you are using wind in combination with photovoltaic power, it may be cost effective if you have good wind only during part of the year.





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