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Electronic Harassment Info Links Page



Questions and Answers in MRI




Shielding:   ETS-Lindgren is the proven leader in shielding, with thousands of shielded enclosures installed worldwide. Solutions provided include some of the most demanding industrial, medical, and government shielding challenges


National MRI Shielding


Select Fabricators  -- RF EMI Shielded Tent Enclosures Offer Advantages Over Hard Wall Structures

Select-A-Shield™ high performing RF EMI shielded soft wall enclosures are available at a fraction of the cost of fully-welded metal enclosures and provide a Faraday cage solution that is truly portable with an on-the-fly setup. Prototype and pre-compliance testing of electronic and wireless devices, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications* all need on-site, economical shielding.



Wikipedia defines mind control as:    Mind control (also known as coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated".[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.


All the rest of this on this page makes sense if you read this first:     The NSA

Excellent text and info!


Nazi Mind Control: The Ultimate Terror


Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA's MK Ultra mind control programs…The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases...


The Electronic Concentration Camp

A man talks about the electronic concentration camp in a short video.


A man's article about satellite surveillance.     Again excellent info!

Motives for Mind Control

This essay is the third in a series of three on mind control. 

 Part III, "Mental Firewalls" discusses some of the techniques victims have developed to survive the ongoing torture operations. 


Advanced Electronic Security Co. performs Electronic Sweeping and Surveys, using the best possible Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), to determine if you're being electronically harassed. We then proscribe the proper course of action to eliminate the electronic harassment threat.

                Fri. night, Aug..24, 2012

Data AsylumThis website tells it like it is and how they do it. Uses Hollywood movie clips about mind control, etc.

Tues. evng., Nov. 6, 2012

            peacepink -- Peacepink.ning.com is a membership forum (or social-network) of Worldwide Campaign to stop the abuse and torture of human beings by people who use the following technologies and devices: directed energy weapons; neurological weapons; Mind Control Weapons; body and brain manipulation weapons; psychotronic weapons; space weapons; non-lethal weapons; Cointelpro; and any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic energy, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations some of which have microchip subcutaneous grafted in a fraudulent manner and that in many cases, shall be present radiological evidence of such devices that work with RF frequency.

            Motives for Mind control: Illuminati Puppet  --  About a 30-minute lecture about mind control.




Nevertheless, no non-government entity could carry  out electronic stalking without government knowledge of it. U.S. Government  intelligence and military units continually scan the air waves for suspicious  radio frequencies. Thus, even mega corporations, businesses, and other groups  would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy  unless they did so under cover of the government and with government protection.


Accomplices support the handlers by engaging in on-site organized stalking, spreading rumors, and interfering with the targets’ communications and their daily lives. – Th. aftn., Mar. 17, 2016 -- synchro-robotic stalkers use it to time their whereabouts with mine and to then get ‘on the line’ to my mind to interfere with my thoughts and daily life.


… Let me repeat that despite the many theories, so far ONLY microchips are PROVEN capable of interacting with victims to produce physical and mental torture.



to retrieve info from a corrupted flashdrive:    This does work.  PhotoRescue works to retrieve data and photos from a corrupted flashdrive. 
                                                                  You can try the demo first and actually see that it works.



                                                                                                                                                                  Mon. aftn., June 28, 2010

They track me from space to know my whereabouts and to read my mind.

bin Laden worked for the CIA in the late 1970’s, but they can’t find him.

March 9, 2012

Well they found him on May 2, 2011. He got ten years of freedom, though. Do you think it was a pre-arranged deal?



updated:  Sat. morn., July 16, 2011 Tues aftn., July 16, 2013

Some songs about The Machine, thought control, the spy-on-you satellite, and hearing a voice:  


      Monster by Steppenwolf 1969The Machine really hates this song, as it is a monster of sorts.      Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 by Pink Floyd – Nov. 1979

    Electric Eye by Judas Priest 7/17/82                                                                   Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project – June 1982


not now john by Pink Floyd 1983   -- (They didn't like the “not now john” title which, with all the other songs on the album, was in all lowercase. They would mentally insist that I was with the pro-abortionists NOW and would mentally torture me with indicating that I was a john.

How are they feeding Hollywood with material for their use, from satellite?  See how they feed on my thoughts, doings, and writings. And they mentally hammer me with tortures for Wall Street rallies and lower fuels prices.)   


   Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell 1984(They usually watch me when I shower from most all angles and from walls, as if they are a camera.)                                                         


 A New Machine by Pink Floyd 1987        (People & the machine mentally look out from behind my eyes. This is like a reply.) 


  Part II (The Numbers Game) by Bad Religion 1988                                            The Voice by The Alan Parsons Project -- June 1977(This song is what probably made it mental voice to me.)


  Voices In The Sky by The Moody Blues – June 1968(This song could be what tormentors used to make voices from the sky to my mind as punishment.)



I Don't Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats – 10/79 in the USA(She wrote in a Monday, Mar. 18, 1968 letter to me:  Dear John:..some thing or some one in side of me want me to become a nun…I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t me telling myself. That’s why I got in those terrible moods…I think I should go and talk to the father…Sometimes I think there is hell within my body the way I feel the way I act. Like on Sat. night it was like someone told me to just get up and leave, But when I was out in the car I couldn't leave. Then when you came out you hurt me, then I left and I couldn’t go home. So I came back to my honey. John please help me with my problem…Love you forever  Mary)



­~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~

MOVIES about control --  Since I am watched 24/7, I could say I have lived some of these experiences before they were a movie. I think males in movies are supposed to be me, but it is also some of what is fed through my mind.
Thanks to Hollywood, even though the studios and actors are in on it, you can kind of see what it is like for mind control victims.
They don't show exactly how it works, but it is helpful.

Click on one of these links to see what the movie is about!     And see these movies, if you can!


“Saving Silverman” 2/9/01See how the lady psychologist convinces him that he is gay. At the end of the movie he gets married to the coach who had also admitted to being gay.
                        This was probably made from what the machine says to me mentally. And showing how it is; it uses it to try to make me be a gay.

Twilight Zone:  From Agnes—With Love”  2/14/64 -- See how the jealous female supercomputer desires to keep him for itself by sabotaging his love life. That is similar to how it is for me.

Twilight Zone:  “He’s Alive” 1/24/63 -- See how Adolph Hitler is a shadow who works with a young Neo-Nazi to have him murder one of his colleagues and blame outsiders.
                                                                      This caused/causes murders and is always running in the background.

Star Trek: Spock’s Brain 9/20/68 -- See how these women literally steal Spock’s Brain to use to run the air conditioning, etc. on their planet. It seems like the females that are in my mind.
                                    They monitor my body/bodily functions by thought, sometimes they say, ‘through the correct use of the mind’, as they use my mind for their doings.
                                    Wall St. being the girls uses my mind for its rallies.

Pink Floyd's "The Wall” 9/10/82   -- See how burned out Pink is.  See the neo-Nazis. They usually keep me burned out by using mental tortures.

            ”The President’s Analyst” 1967 -- Notice how the phone company watches people from the sky, as if they are using cameras, but they are not using cameras.

“Simon” 1980 Notice how they brainwash him.  They brainwashed me via satellite and extreme mental torture from 1989-1991.
                        It took me years to restore my vocabulary to be able to complete a simple sentence. I haven’t seen this one.

“They Live” 1988 Notice that almost all of the people in this movie go along with the aliens that are disguised as humans to be able to make more money.
                   Only by wearing special sunglasses can one see what the aliens really look like and the hidden advertisements.

“Forever Young” 1992 – See how it is for me in that they keep me removed from society using space-based satellites in conjunction with supercomputers,                                                                                                                                                                                  
                       and how they cheated me out of years of my life until now I am old.
Alas, though, there is no female for me.

“Johnny Mnemonic” 1995 – See how they upload info to his brain and then download it from his brain. They do this to me wirelessly via the supercomputer and satellites. 

“Conspiracy Theory” 1997 -- Notice how he was brainwashed; they occasionally brainwash me by thought using a brain blast-type torture of feeding a lot of info through my mind.

“The Designated Mourner” 1997 -- The TV schedule says this movie is about 3 people who mourn the loss of independent thought in a totalitarian society.
                                                                Most thought nowadays is controlled. I haven't seen this one.

“The Truman Show” 1998 -- Notice how he is always watched which is televised live. And the clever in-his-town actors who synchronize their whereabouts with his.
That is how it is/was for me as less-than-a-dozen locals created the material for this movie years earlier.

"First Wave" -- 1998-2001 TV Series -- Notice how the aliens look like us, but are not really us.

EdTV” 1999 -- Notice how he is always "live" on TV with cameras following him around.

“Being John Malkovich” 1999 -- People get in his mind and see through his eyes for 15 minutes, as if they are him. -- See how it is for me.

The Outer Limits: “Straight and Narrow” 1996 -- Notice how the male students were cranially implanted to control them to perform assassinations. There is no escape for them.

            The Outer Limits: Human Operators 1999 -- Notice how he is onboard a spaceship with a supercomputer running it that tells him what to do and what to fix.                                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                       It tortures him when necessary to keep him behaved. –
That’s how it is for me.
            Sometimes their machine works me over with mental tortures, as if I’m a POW, and then the TV news would show a report about Sen. John McCain who had been a POW in Vietnam for about 5.5 years.

            The Outer Limits: "The Tipping Point" 2001 -- Notice how the artificial intelligence computer can watch the people from any other computer's cameras. See how it is since Sept. 11, 2001 with a lot more cameras around cities.

The Outer Limits:  First Anniversary” 1996 -- This is kinda how it is for me sometimes in that the machine force-feeds my mind, which is difficult for me to block out.                                                                                                                                         
                                                                               In this, two alien women trick men into believing they are beautiful women, but it only lasts about a year and then the men
                                                                               upon seeing what they really are, become paranoid and unhinged and suffer a mental breakdown.

            “Control Factor” 2002 -- He hears a voice inside his head trying to get him to kill his wife. See how they control people & their thoughts and compel them to subconsciously do what they want them to,                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                         like when he is walking along and they say what mind control has them say as he walks past.

            “Big Fat Liar” 2002See how a Hollywood producer used some school boy’s material for a movie. – It is much the same for me.

“Resident Evil” 2002 – Notice the artificial intelligence supercomputer that can project the visible image of itself as being a female human. -- It occasionally does this mentally to my mind with people, etc.

“Equilibrium” 2002    This is about a fascist future where freedom is outlawed. (I have not seen this)

            “Paycheck” 2003     See how he is brainwashed.  They brainwashed me via satellite and extreme mental torture from 1989-1991. Notice the tell-your-future computer.
                                                That is real and they can see out into the future at least 48 hours.   But what about 9/11 ? ? ?

            “Terminator” movies – Notice how the machines are taking over and trying to get rid of all humans. See how the terminator machine can impersonate males and/or females. Mind control can do the same mentally.

            “I Robot” 2004Notice how the robots are controlled by one source and how they then hate humans. (Nowadays, until they get bodies, it's just mentally, except for humans it controls to say this or do this.)

            The X-Files:  Ghost In The Machine” 1993Notice how the Artificial Intelligence computer spies on and targets people for death in the building that they are in trying to destroy it.  

            ”Stranger Than Fiction”  Nov. 10, 2006Notice how she narrates his thoughts and doings. This shows how it is mentally for me, although I believe it to be a machine impersonating her.  
                        It scrutinizes quite a lot of what I do and most times immediately criticizes/tortures me. It won’t allow socializing without torture.

The Outer Limits: “O.B.I.T.” Nov. 4, 1963    A new device, the O.B.I.T. machine, allows the observation of anyone, anywhere, at any time. In this room, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,
                                                                       security personnel at the defense department Cyprus Hill's Research Center keep constant watch on its scientists through O.B.I.T.,
                                                                       a mysterious electronic device whose very existence was carefully kept from the public at large. – This is much like it is nowadays to myself,
                                                                       even micro-seconds, and to other common people, though they use no cameras.

“The Matrix” 1999 See how he fights the machines that are trying to destroy all humans. In the late 1980’s and 1990’s I would go through the routine of fight
                             and kill in the real world the mentally-created-by-the-computer entities, but then they always regenerate them and it is quite impossible
                             to get rid of them. And how are your wars going?

            “Terminator: Salvation” 5/09Notice how Marcus Wright is in the room with the Skynet supercomputer and it projects a male or female face on its screen as being itself when it talks to him.
(Nowadays, it could be you or me that the great computer impersonates, and it is gay.)

            “9” (2009 film) Personification: See how the human-like rag doll "Stitchpunks" fight the Machine and its other machine creations to try to live on in a post-Apocalyptic world.
                                 ~ Personification is the giving of human powers to inanimate objects.

The X-Files:  “Kill Switch” 1998 -- Notice how the A.I. computer spies on and targets people for death using a satellite to zero in on them and to then zap them with a laser.

“The Adjustment Bureau” 2011 – See how the Adjustment Bureau interferes with his building his relationship with a woman.
People & the Machine are like that to me using mental communications to do it.

“ZPG” 1972 – The film concerns an overpopulated, very polluted future Earth, whose world government executes those who violate a 30-year ban on procreation.
This was made real to me by not allowing me to have a family, which they enforce from space and by thought.
     ~ ZPG stands for Zero Population Growth.

“THX1138” 1971 – In a city of the future, sexual intercourse is outlawed and use of mind-altering drugs is mandatory.
                                       – I am not allowed to have a girlfriend, while they force homosexuality at me trying to encourage me to be a homosexual.

            Her”  Dec. 18, 2013 – In this movie he purchases a talking operating system with artificial intelligence and a female voice. She adapts and evolves and they eventually date and fall in love.
                                                One day she and the other OSes have evolved beyond their human companions and are going away to continue the exploration of their existence. They leave;
                                                he seems to be heart-broken. –
Anyway, this is how it is for me in that the female machine impersonates women to have mental sex with me.




Torture Symptoms

Cheryl Welsh lists torture symptoms that mind control victims experience.  Some of these they use on me. Here are some:  Reading thoughts remotely; Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly; Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities


Satellite Surveillance

Australian Privacy and Human Rights Advocate Paul Baird's info about satellite surveillance and being mentally tortured.    

 This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and "harassment" technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organised crime syndicates.  

Excellent text and info!

Also here are two more of his great articles:  http://www.surveillanceissues.com/category/surveillance-results/index.html -- 

   “The Ultimate Blasphemy: Mind Reading Technologies etc” By Paul Baird May 2005 and “Computer State” By Paul Baird July 2006






Roger Tolces, private investigator:      Surveillance & Electronic Harassment


non-po#rn videos of torture-targeted individuals:        Targeted Individuals                       




alien base video:           Las Vegas Alien Bases Part 1 of 2 IUFOC 93           



Sumerian:       Ancient Sumeria, Babylon , Assyria 3500 B.C - 2000 B.C.


                                                                   Ancient Mesopotamia          





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WARNING:   Visiting links listed on this page could result in you becoming a victim of mental torture, even by thought; unnecessary surveillance; and other futuristic threats.  Proceed at your own risk.